Star Wars Wampa Rug


Here at ThinkGeek we pride ourselves on offering nifty products covering all aspects of the Empire Strikes Back story… since it is the 30th anniversary and all. Last year we launched the coveted Tauntaun sleeping bag, allowing children of all ages to nestle safe in the guts of a tauntaun.

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Now as a sort of product-based prequel we give you this amazing “bear rug” style Wampa. As you may recall from Empire, before Luke was preserved inside a dead tauntaun he had a fight with a hideous Wampa snow beast in the mountain caves of Hoth. Now you can catch your own Wampa and take him home to decorate your swank bachelor pad. The Star Wars fangirls will love the high-quality synthetic fur, plush pillow head and fearsome claws.

Product Features

  • “Bear Rug” style Wampa looks great on your floor
  • High-quality synthetic fur
  • Plush pillow head
  • Vinyl claws
  • Non-slip backing
  • Officially licensed Lucasfilm collectable
  • Dimensions: 62″ long x 30″ wide


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