Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters 15in Plush


This book is a fickle… beast. Take off the binding, and it’ll take a snap at you. Just make sure you exercise caution – stroke the spine a couple times to calm it down. If anything, that’s a lesson in itself. The trick to any beast is to know how to calm it. Sounds like something a Hogwarts professor would say.

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Cuddle up with the Monster Book of Monsters book for your Care of Magical Creatures class. Normally we wouldn’t recommend something like that, but this one is relatively tame, so you’re probably fine giving it a good hug or using it as a pillow.

Product Specifications

  • Harry Potter Monster Book of Monsters 15in Plush
  • Officially-licensed Harry Potter merchandise
  • Use The Monster Book of Monsters as a pillow. It won’t bite. Much.
  • Materials: Polyester
  • Care Instructions: Stroke down the spine before washing with a damp cloth and mild detergent
  • Dimensions: 15″ x 13″ x 4″
  • Ages 3+


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