Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Towels

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Dear Doctor Who fans,
If you own a kitchen and you are messy sometimes, we have a set of tea towels for you. One looks like the front of the TARDIS, and the other looks like the telephone panel sign. They have binding on the edges to ensure a long life and are machine washable, because whomever made them realized you might get alien goop on them, and that stuff can be hard to get out.

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Also, it’s good that there are two of these in this set, because we’re going to use magnets to affix one of them to the left side of our refrigerator, so it’s not really so much a tea towel as it is decoration. Except in towel-needing emergencies. Which happen surprisingly often as we hurtle through this weird universe. Ford knew these things.

Product Specifications  

  • Set of two TARDIS tea towels
  • Officially-licensed Doctor Who merchandise
  • One is the front of the TARDIS; the other is the the telephone panel sign
  • One-sided design
  • Edges are bound for longer life
  • Materials: 100% cotton
  • Care Instructions: Machine washable
  • Imported
  • Dimensions: 17″ wide x 27 1/2″ tall each
  • Ages 6+


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