Doctor Who 11th Doctor’s Bow Tie

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Beleaguered simians in our T-shirt Tasting & Explosives Lab are constantly assailed with requests that we immortalize the words “Bow ties are cool.” Alas, these words will probably never be blazoned across your chest – because we’ve gone one step further in our quest for simian goodness – we have the bow tie itself!

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And yes, it is cool.

This isn’t the $2 bow tie you wore in middle school band, no way! Made of burgundy fabric, the tie is adjustable to fit necks from 15″ to 20″, and even includes directions for how to tie it! So while you may never see a t-shirt with the quote that “Bow ties are cool”, you will have something better. You will be able to prove bow ties are cool by wearing one for all of your time traveling, cross dimensional capers! What better way to cap off your Doctor Who wardrobe than with the 11th Doctor’s Bow Tie?

Product Specifications

  • Officially licensed replica of the 11th Doctor’s bow tie
  • Two tone textured burgundy 100% polyester fabric
  • Fits necks 15-20″
  • Comes pre-tied, but is able to be untied for adjustment purposes
  • Includes instructions for tying
  • Prove once and for all the bow ties are cool – by wearing one!
  • Fits nicely between a stetson (or a fez) and a tweed jacket


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