Let Your Geek Flag Fly

When I was in high school there were the usual cliques: the jocks, the popular girls, the drama nerds, the potheads, the geeks, etc. I didn’t really know where I had fit in (like so many), but I know I would have never described myself as a geek. Both because I didn’t see myself as smart enough and because I would have been afraid of what it would mean socially. Media loves to portray geeks as those socially awkward video gamers or chess players with thick black rimmed glasses held together by tape and usually too smart for their own good. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that geekiness has far more shapes and sizes than I ever thought and I am now proud to give myself that title.

The vastness of geekdom is deep and wide. There is no one way to describe a geek or the things that they love.

I would say that I’m a Potterhead or YA fantasy fiction geek. I absolutely love board games (Clue is my fave) and when a Disney song comes on, I geek out with my very loud singing voice and silly dance moves.

Nathan would describe himself as a fantasy fiction geek who loves tabletop and video game RPG’s, craftbeers, and strategy games.

My friend Suzanne’s geekiness may be described as a poetry geek, a lover of shows with strong, empowered female protagonists like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Xena Warrior Princess, and with a love for retro video games and a hate for the new.

Anneka may be described as a BBC geek: Lover of Doctor Who (not Dr Who as I have been corrected!), Outlander, Downton Abbey, and many other time period pieces.

There can be craft beer geeks, tech geeks, and yes, even sports geeks. ‘Geek’ used to describe the eccentric or non-mainstream individual, now it describes someone who has a deep love, appreciation, and often obsession with their hobby or interest.

For many reasons, there is far less stigma attached to it. Geeks have become attractive, seen as the ones who will rule the world or at least become the boss, they will invent the best of the best. Why? Because they obsess over what they love and make it happen.

That’s what we’re trying to do here. We obsess about our likes and want to share that obsession with others. We are geeks and we are proud of it! So, let your Geek Flag Fly and tell us in the comments below what your particular brand of geek is. Let’s celebrate the diversity and join together in our similarities!

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