Welcome to our FAQ’s page! We’ve put together a list of the questions that many of our fans have. We hope that we’ve answered all your questions!

There is no age restriction for our events (in fact they are great for all ages!). However, anyone younger than 18 years of age will require a parent or guardian to accompany them. There may also be certain areas where the age of majority is required to enter.

Our events are a combination of indoors and outdoors, which can include gravel, uneven and grassy areas. However, we do try to accommodate your needs and much of our event space will be accessible. For specific information please contact info@transfiguredtown.com

Definitely! This is one of the super fun ways to immerse yourself in the experience. In the event that you need to be I.D’d you will have to show your true identity. Also, in the event that you are being asked important questions by staff, we would ask that you not stay in character.

Real weapons of any kind are strictly forbidden. All costume weapons must be peace bonded. Any costume weapon that cannot be peace bonded to the satisfaction of our security will be held by Transfigured Town Inc until the end of the event.

Your ticket confirmation has this very important information. Please read your confirmation carefully and follow all instructions. Never share your confirmation information with anyone.

Every guest may have different requests in this regard. Please read the descriptions of our panelists/entertainment to find out what guest will be offering.

Our tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable for any reason after the order transaction is complete, which we indicate upon sale. This includes weather related events.



We limit our tickets to ensure that our festivals are more than long lineups and lotteries. We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience. If tickets are sold out you can sign up for our email list to be informed immediately if we open more tickets for purchase and to be sure that you don’t miss your chance at the next festival.
You can also consider volunteering. You will need to put in 4hrs and then you are welcome to enjoy the rest of the festival. Find out more here: (Link to Volunteer pop up)

The website Ontario’s West Coast has some great info for you! Check it out here: (Link: https://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/accommodation/) While you’re in the area, take time to explore the area! (Link: https://www.ontarioswestcoast.ca/)

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Alas, we don’t have ravens, enchanted coins or the Wizarding Wireless Network to communicate with each other, so we’ve had to make do with emails. If you’d like to be kept up to date on the latest Transfigured Town news (and get access to tickets as soon as they’re released) make sure you’re signed up to our newsletter. And dont' forget to confirm your e-mail address because you'll miss out on the important updates!
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