Festival of Wizardry 2018

September 21, 2018 10:00 am - September 23, 2018 7:00 pm Blyth Ontario

With so many witches and wizards from around the world trying to geek out together at our Festival of Wizardry, we are looking forward to hosting this magical event every year. Prepare your wands and dust off your broomsticks for this annual spellbinding event.

While planning the Festival of Wizardry 2017 we had many amazing suggestions and ideas that we didn’t have time or money to add. So we took all of the best ideas and added them to the 2018 event!

Festival of Wizardry 2018 will have all the things you loved from 2017 with some amazing additions. We are planning Actors, Workshops, Panels, Quidditch, More Props, More Sets, More Classes, More Contests, Bigger Prizes, More WRock, More opportunities to Socialize, More Candy, More Virtual Wizardry, More Gaming, Common Rooms, LARPing, Themed Foods, Private Labeled Themed Beers, Themed Cocktails and More Mocktails.

Details will be announced as soon as they are confirmed!

The Lovegoods

The Dandies

Spell Tutor



21 - 23 Sep 2018

Location Blyth Ontario

Schedule of Events

Magical Events

Friday & Saturday

  • Quidditch Canada: Perdue’s Cup Tournement
  • Borealis School for Aspiring Witches and Wizards
    • Defence Against the Dark Arts
    • Divination
    • Magi-Zoology
    • Potions
    • Crafts and Purchasing
      • Make everything you need for your classes or get a shopping list with vendor coupons
    • House Common Rooms:
      • Badger’s Borrow: Games, Workshops and More
      • Snake Pit: Professional Networking,Workshops and More
      • Lion’s Den: Tests of Courage, Workshops and More
      • Raven’s Roost: Escape Room, Workshops and More
  • WRock Performances
    • Lovegoods and More
  • Costume Contests
  • Photobooths
  • Poly-Wizard Cup
    • Mazes & Riddles
    • Feats of Skill and Bravery
    • Contests of Cunning and Intrigue
    • Prove your loyalty and teamwork
  • Virtual Wizarding Expo
    • VR, Game Counsels (Retro and Modern)
  • The Restricted Section (Saturday and Sunday ONLY Age of Majority 19+)
    • Whyte’s Wyvern Tavern: Themed Alcoholic Drinks
    • Nocturn Alley: Hand Picked Craftspeople and Artists
  • Great Hall (All Ages)
    • Themed Foods
    • Themed Drinks
  • The Shambles: Vendor Tent
    • Large Vendor Booths
  • Hog’s Mead: Vendor Tent
    • Medium Vendors
  • Mold-On-The-Wold: Vendor Tent
    • Small Crafters


Sunday: Same as Saturday with the following additions

  • Workshops
    • All Day
  • Panels
    • All Day
    • Informative Panels
    • Parody Panels
  • Celebrity Autographs and Photos

VIP Offerings

  • Get all the amazing offerings mentioned above with a three day pass
  • Free 3 day Parking
  • Enter One Hour Early
  • Front Row VIP Seating (Limited)
  • Priority Lineup (Sunday Only)
  • Selected VIP Discounts/Deals at Participating Vendors and Festival Merchandise Tables
Wizardly Wonders

YTV Kids came in 2017

Innerspace from Space channel came in 2017 as well

Geek Alert

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