Jun 2018

Festival of Thrones 2018

June 2, 2018 10:00 am - June 3, 2018 11:00 pm Cowbell Brewing Co., Blyth ON
Summer is Coming to Blyth ON…
Combining immersive festival and exciting convention, inspired by fantasy fiction such as Game of Thrones, as well as a taste of Name of the Wind and Outlander.
Be immersed in the greatest Game ever played!
Explore the 7 Great Houses; from icy North to sandy South. From the ships in the West to the temples in the East. First, enter through castle gates and swear fealty to one of the seven great houses. Compete, wager, convince, and participate to earn points for your house and a chance to win the festival’s grand prize. Areas will be divided according to Kingdom with immersive and interactive entertainment.
Pull up a throne of swords and prepare your drinking horns to be filled with unique private label brews crafted by Cowbell Brewing Co. This 111-acre event property will host your next great adventure.
Be a spectator at the lists as six champions challenge each other for the honor of greatest knight in the kingdom.
Enter King’s Landing to shop, eat, and drink to fill up on all your licensed and craft Game of Thrones needs. Surround yourself with viking and medieval inspired live music coming from all over the UK and Europe that will make you feel like you’re in the Eolian.
Don’t miss out on Fan Day Sunday, with special guest panelists and workshops. Rub elbows with actors from t.v. series such as Game of Thrones, fantasy fiction authors, and other great panelists. Grab an autograph or picture while you’re at it!

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned for more details.

Joining us (so far) will be:

International Bands:

Clanadonia, Scotland

Mediaeval Baebes, England

Vassvik, Norway

Canadian Bands:

Celtic Blue Highlanders, Goderich Ontario


Invoketress Belly Dancing Troupe, Guelph Onatrio

Special Guests:

Jamie East, England

The Kilted Yogi, Scotland

Because Geek

Other Entertainment and Activities:

Knights of Valour, Jousting Troupe, USA

Hood Archery, Archery Tag, London Ontario

Tor Vik, Viking Reenactment Village, Toronto, Ontario

The Dandies, Improv Comedy


02 - 03 Jun 2018

Location Cowbell Brewing Co., Blyth ON

Schedule of Events

Magical Events

Schedule of events: (Subject to Change)

Saturday: Something and you can bring your kids to? Yes! While the beer garden with specialty crafted private label beers may not be for the young, there will be plenty of immersive experiences that will be for everyone. Enter through castle gates and swear fealty to your Great House of choice. Explore the 7 Kingdoms, participate in the themed entertainment to earn points for your House and a chance to win the grand prize. Themed sets/props/and costumed actors will help you feel like you’re truly a part of the Game. Some of the experiences you can expect to take part in include live music, jousting and animal exhibits, workshops, vendors, archery tag, archery and hatchet experiences, rock climbing, children’s activities.

Sunday (Fan Day): For kids? Not so much. This day is set aside more for the avid follower who wants to hear from special guest panelists (including actors, authors, etc). Fan Day will give you more time to grab an autograph or photo-op from one of your favourite special guests, for taking part in workshops, debating about which is better, the tv series or the books over some private label craft beers while listening to some great viking and medieval style bands, and to still enjoy some of the great interactive experiences such as archery tag, archery and hatchet throwing, and rock climbing.

There is so much more to come, so be sure to check back here regularly to stay up to date. And grab your tickets now before they run out!

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