As a team of proud Potterheads, Whovians and Ironborn, nothing makes us happier than bringing people together under the banner of geekiness.

So that’s why, like a Niffler to shiny objects, we spend our time sniffing out the best venues, vendors and entertainment to make sure our festivals are always the best they can be.

We don’t want to organise yet another convention that involves lots of standing around, we want our events to be immersive, unashamedly geeky and a whole lot of fun.

But most of all, we want our events to have you running for your cloaks, practising your swish and flicks and straightening your bowties. (Bowties are cool.)

It’s not all about geeking out

At Transfigured Town, our favourite stories have always involved ordinary people coming together to do extraordinary things for those in need.

We’ve read the story of three wizards working together to save the wizarding community. We’ve watched as companions stepped into a phone box and travelled through time and space to help people in danger. And we’ve jumped for joy when old foes have put aside their differences to unite and save Westeros.

About Transfigured Town

And then we realised –
why can’t we do that, too?

That’s why our events aren’t just a chance to geek out with like-minded fans, they’re a chance for ordinary people like us to be extraordinary by donating profits to charities/not-for-profits. We even offer fundraising opportunities to local community groups. Offering donations in exchange for volunteering.

(Although we might not have to duel dark wizards or fight off invading armies, the money we donate can help make a real difference to local communities.)

The Transfigured Team

Nathan B. Swartz

CEO and Loyal Bannerman of House Grimiron

Nathan’s journey to geekdom started with Marvel and DC comics and progressed through TMNT, Twilight 2000 and anime until he became the GoT, sci-fi and role-playing geek he is today. (For his full geek CV, check out Dads and Dragons.) Like Amanda, Nathan is the DM for all of the Transfigured Town adventures. With a long history of not-for-profit experience Nathan networks with all kinds of folks to make sure that every festival is all about having fun, geeking out and helping local causes.

Amanda C.M. Swartz

COO and Headmaster of Borealis School of Wizardry

All-around Potterhead and YA fanatic, Amanda is also the Hermione to Nathan’s Ron. Like Nathan, Amanda is a visionary for future and ongoing projects. She also keeps Transfigured Town well organized and on task. Amanda loves nothing more than seeing people coming from across Canada to let their geek flags fly.

Anneka Zehr-Bergen

Assistant Event Planner and Loyal Companion to the Tenth Doctor

If Amanda and Nathan were Time Travelling Doctors, then Anneka would be our companion. As a multi-classed geek Anneka can ride armoured horses, pilot a Tie Fighter, teach a wizarding class and do it all while speaking Klingon. Anneka is our padawan learner, seeking out the Holy Grail and questing on our behalf.

Geek Alert

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