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The Move to Purposeful Business

In our western world of abundance, we are looking for more from the businesses we support. This may mean buying local, buying organic, or buying something unique or handmade. There is a push for businesses…

Fundraising Goals

At Transfigured Town, our favourite stories have always involved ordinary people coming together to do extraordinary things for those that need their help.

We’ve been there as three wizards worked together to save the wizarding world. We’ve watched as companions stepped into a phone box and travelled through time and space to help people in danger. And we’ve jumped for joy when old foes have put aside their differences to see off the forces of evil.

And then we realised – why can’t we do that, too?

That’s why our events aren’t just a chance to geek out with like-minded fans, they’re a chance for ordinary people like us to come together and do extraordinary things for people that need help, just like our favourite characters have always done.

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Geek Speak

Helped out today at the Harry Potter Festival in Goderich. Was so great seeing all the adults and children come and have fun. Wizards were everywhere! Tired but a great day!

A big thanks to all of you witches and wizards, for such a truly magical event! Hope to see you all again next year in Diagon Alley....

It felt like I got a glimpse into the wizarding world of Harry Potter right here in southwestern Ontario. Everywhere you look there was a new surprise, a snitch hanging from the ceiling, the hilarious wizard lead tour of muggle artifacts, amazing cosplay costumes of the other festivals goers and tons more.

Let Your Geek Flag Fly

As a team of proud Potterheads, Whovians and Jedi, nothing makes us happier than bringing people together under the banner of geekiness.

That’s why we always try to create events that have you running to grab your cloaks, practising your swishing and flicking or straightening your bowties. (Because bowties are cool, you know.)


Geek Alert

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